5 Networking Tips For Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is around the corner and there isn't a better time to dust-off your networking skills. It is the biggest event of the industry and if you are lucky enough to be able to attend you should be prepared. You might not have a networking opportunity like this for another 6 months.

A year ago I wrote a post on Do's and Dont's for networking events. Check it out here. But today I'm adding a few more that relate specifically to fashion events:

1. Dress For Success: this is not only the name of a song from the 90's band Roxette. If there is a time of the year when you have to buy clothes it is now. If you are trying to appeal to a target that is fashion oriented, you must understand fashion.

2. Every Second Is A Networking Opportunity: you have to make the most out of this event. Talk to everyone and do not underestimate anyone. The person behind you on the cue to the restroom could easily be your next client.

3. Don't Get Discouraged: you are going to meet a lot of people and not everyone can be interested in what you have to say. Besides, this is a trade show, so everyone is busy trying to sell their businesses. A brief introduction and a follow up after the event is the key.

4. Be Prepared To Show Your Work: maybe carrying around your portfolio is not advisable, but fill your phone or tablet with samples of your work so you can show what you do on demand.

5. But Get Your Face Off Your Phone: you are here to admire fashion and talk to people. Why waste precious time or risk a neck injury? Look up, smile and admire fashion at its best.

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