What's Next?

If you have reached a point in your career where you feel comfortable with what you have and where you finally have mastered what you do, it might be time to move on. No growth ever came from staying in the comfort zone. So take a risk, even if it's as small as trying out a new technique or as big as researching a new target. In order to move forward you should always ask yourself: what's next?

And it's scary... oh, I know it's scary, believe me! All the what-if questions come to your mind to try to prevent you from change. But you didn't get to where you are by not taking risks. You didn't get to where you are by paying attention to your inner fears. So why do it now? If it's true that it's not the destination but the journey, why have you decided to end the journey so soon?

I am no better than you on this and to be honest I looked in the mirror this morning and asked myself: "where are you going from here?". I feel the winds of change starting to blow and I don't want to feel too comfortable where I am to not let them take me along.

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