Creative Does Not Mean Chaotic

There are two types of people in this world: tidy people and messy people, and those who know me know that I belong on the first group. But even if my world is very structured, I respect people who find peace in chaos. Until they use chaos as an excuse to be disrespectful to others. Because you can be chaotically creative but still be on time, respect deadlines and keep your word. In the end, it's all about being professional.

There is always a new study that finds out something new about human nature. And we will still be having those kinds of studies for as long as it takes us to understand our species. But we are such complex creatures that it will take us probably a few more centuries before we can finally decipher how our brains work. So, read all those studies as amusement articles but don't take them too seriously. The same people who wrote them might contradict themselves in a few years time.

Lately I have been reading a lot of articles about new studies on creative chaos and how the biggest creative brains in history were or are really messy and disorganized people. And the way these studies are written tend to suggest that people like me, who are very structured and have a system for everything, are not allowed to be creative because it is not in our nature. But to me that is just non-sense. First of all, because it implies by definition that I am not a creative person. And second of all, because what most of these studies say is that messy people tend to find order in chaos, which actually means that messy people are as organized as I am, they just express it differently.

So if you are one of those people who is always excusing themselves for being "fashionably late" or for not being able to keep deadlines by saying that it all comes with being a creative, stop lying to yourself and stop disrespecting others. That's just selfish. And to those of you who fear acknowledging how tidy you are because others might not think that you are creative enough, I say: don't let anyone tell you what you are supposed or not supposed to be. Be who you are but always respect others.

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