The Beauty In Knowing What You Want!


One of my first jobs as a photographer was to shoot a few beauty images for an e-commerce specialising in makeup products. I got this job from one of my dearest friends who was also going to be the model during the shoot. And I must admit that at first I was really scared. But they knew that I had been doing this for a very short time and somehow they trusted their images to me. And for that I am really grateful. That’s why I said “yes” the minute they offered and the weeks before the shoot I watched so many beauty shoot tutorials that my eyes would hurt.

The brief was simple: take a few images of the MUA (Make Up Artist) while she is prepping the model and then a few beauty shots of the model with a very clean and simple background. I spoke to the person in charge of the shoot and suggested a few ideas that I had in mind in terms of poses, styling and creative direction and they loved them. So we were all set to go!

They day of the shoot I walked in there like I knew what I was doing and acted my professional best. I felt great and I think it showed. Besides, I had interiorized that during the shoot I would be open and receptive, that I would listen to their suggestions and be willing to try things in different ways and just be patient and flexible. And the shoot was a success, at least for me, at so many levels. They seemed to like my work and ended up not only using it on their website but calling me again the following year to shoot their new campaign.

I had finally found out what I saw myself shooting professionally. Welcome to the beginning of the rest of my life!

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