What Your Portfolio Says Of You…

When I finally realized that shooting people was what I really wanted to do, I also knew that the portfolio that I had been trying to build for a while had to change. I had a website with a weird mix of street, architecture, landscape, portraiture and food photography and the only message that I was sending about me was that I really didn’t know what I wanted to shoot.

I took on the sad task to edit myself and, let me tell you, it was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. I loved every single piece of my work! Some of them because of the challenges I went through to achieve the photo, others because they meant something to me, a few because of the people or places in them….anyhow, they all needed to go. I knew that if I wanted to be known as a fashion photographer I was going to need to show that being one is what I did!

This left me with very few photos to show on my website but with an enormous desire to go out and shoot some more. So I contacted my friends who I knew were kin on posing for portraits and took photos of them all. And they seemed to like my work because some of them even repeated!

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