Portraits: More Than Meets The Eye

On my journey as a creative I have tried many different forms of art and photography trying to find myself and figure out what is it that I wanted to express with my craft. And it wasn’t until I started photographing people that I realised that my passion was somewhere in there. My first professional portraits were of my family and friends, the same way that many other photographers started out their careers, I guess. But I soon found out that what attracted me to shoot those people were the stories behind their forced poses or the scary look in their eyes. I wanted to know more about them, or make up stories about them. I wanted them to be characters in the stories in my mind.

One of the many friends whom I photographed was my friend Jessica. She has always been one of my biggest supporters in my new path and I wanted to gift her with something made with my own hands, something that meant a lot to me. So what better gift than to take a portrait of her. Can you guess the theme?

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