If The Mountain Won’t Come To You, You Must Go To The Mountain.

While I was building my portfolio back in Barcelona, I started looking for other creatives with whom to collaborate and from whom to learn from. I enrolled in many studio photography courses and met a lot of starting photographers like myself. Unfortunately, the people that I met, albeit nice and friendly, were not as interested in photography as a profession as I was. Either because they were hobbyists or because the economical recession forced them to reprioritize their lives and search for a more reliable source of income. Either way, I spent months looking for people as hungry for a creative career as I was but I just couldn’t find any. I am not saying that they didn’t exist; I just didn’t run into them.

So my next step was to start contacting actual professionals and offer my services as an assistant, as a runner, as an intern or as whichever position they wanted to offer me. I contacted photographers, studios, magazines, creative directors, brands… no luck whatsoever. My emails weren’t getting through and I didn’t know why. I suspected that maybe it was because my portfolio was very poor but in my defense I was just starting out and I was looking for experiences in the field and to learn from others to improve my skills.

Finally, after a year of trying to get a foot in the industry I figured that if the city was not going to give me any chances then I would have to go ahead and look for another city. The question was: where to?

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