London Calling

The decission was made: I needed to leave town if I wanted to pursue a photography career. But where to? At that point in my life I was working hard on building my portfolio and I was spending every cent of my part-time job salary on buying the appropiate equipment and props. My husband had recently started freelancing after many years of working for others and the economic recession in the Mediterranean was not painting a promising future for us. We knew that we had to leave but we just didn’t know where to go.

We spent many months researching cities, speaking to friends who lived abroad and even travelling to a few of those cities to experience them first hand but we couldn’t find one that we both liked. I wanted to move to Canada, I have this secret obsession with everything canadian. But he wanted to try Sweden or Australia. So to make it easier we narrowed our search down to cities in countries where we were allowed to work and where a language that we knew was spoken. This left us with very few options to choose from but none of them seemed enticing at the time.

Then my brother-in-law found a job in London and I thought that maybe this city could be a good idea. We both knew it, we both spoke the language, we both were allowed to work in the UK and most importantly a family member was going to be living there. So I quit my part-time job and came for three months to London to experience the city to its fullest and to see if we could make it here. And I fell in love with it. All those years back in Barcelona trying so hard to get in touch with fellow creatives and trying to network with people in the industry to no avail… and I came to London and in less than three months I met so many creatives, I discovered so many opportunities and I even met and chat with one of my idols: Juergen Teller.

This was London calling.

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