We Are All A Work-In-Progress

A few days ago I was watching Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s TED Talk on being a principal in a failing high school and how she managed to fix a broken school. One of the things she spoke about was how failure is not a permanent condition and it got me into thinking about my own life and my journey so far. You see, I left my country 15 years ago today and there has been plenty moments where I felt that I had failed in finding the right country to live in, or finding the right job, or starting a life with the right partner, and it was only through understanding that my whole life was a work in progress that I managed to get myself out of the hole and push myself to keep on trying. Failing in whatever we put our efforts on is not bad; not knowing what to do with the lessons learned from failing is catastrophic.

We are all a work in progress… and that is ok, because it means that there is room for improvement and we can always become better. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your failures or your deficiencies. Everyone has them! Even the people who you think are the most accomplished persons in the world struggle with them. The difference and what makes them successful is that they act on them, they not just dwell on them.

We are not there… not yet! But we will! If we want to and if we work towards that goal and have the patience and consistency to do it. Repeat in your mind: “not yet”. As long as we let ourselves know that there is a possibility to reach our goal we are automatically giving ourselves the chance to reach it. And when we do reach it, embrace the feeling of accomplishment and let yourself understand that once you reach a new level there is a whole new set of challenges to overcome. And that is ok. That’s life.

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