Believe In Yourself

The guy in the photo is me, circa Autumn 2013. I had just finished photography school and was desperately looking for work experience in Barcelona. But we were just at the peak of the recession and the creative industry was badly affected. People around me doubted my decision to become a photographer (except for my husband) and life seemed to be proving them right. But thankfully I am stubborn, and when I set my mind to something there is no going back.

It’s been two years now since that photo… and now I live in a different city, I am a full-time photographer and I am at the happiest moment in my life. And all it took was having a clear vision of my goal, a lot of guts to pursue it and listening to no one except for my inner voice. It’s crazy how much you can accomplish when you believe in yourself and how much can change in such a short period of time.

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