The Importance Of Crediting Others

There is an interesting phenomenon that I have noticed throughout these years and I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s forgetfullness or just good old selfishness: people don’t credit you when they post your photos online. I have seen my photos in many social media profiles posted by models, makeup artists, stylists or other creatives that I have collaborated with and some of them just never credit me or any of the other persons involved in the making of that photo. To me, that’s just plain rude. I feel like they are telling me that they don’t care about others, they just care about their own craft and not about the people around them who help them develop their creative careers.

I find that crediting others on the photos is crucial not only as a way of acknowledging the hardwork of others but also as a mean of promoting your peers. I credit every single person involved in the making of a photo on my social media, on my website and even on the publications I submit my work to because I know that one day someone is going to look at those photos and say “I want to work with whomever did that makeup” or “who is that model?” and just by going to the credits they can find out. So the same goes for when someone sees my photos in someone else’s website and wonders “who took that photo?”

We are all in this together and the only way to succeed is by supporting each other. Writing down the names of the people that you have collaborated with takes seconds but the reward lasts forever. If people are happy with you they will want to work with you again in the future. It’s that simple.

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