Why The Name Grey Pistachio?

GP logo

I get asked this question quite often. Some people think that it is a type of nut; others, that it is just an odd combination of words that work together. And some even think that my first name is Grey and that my last name is Pistachio. No matter what idea they get from it, they seem to be able to easily remember it. And that is what I really care about. For me, a brand should be like the fingerprint of a business: It should identify only one business, your business. But it must also be easy to remember, otherwise people will never be able to come back to you again.

When I decided to create an identity for my portfolio I knew that I couldn’t use my name as my brand. My name seems to be only easy to remember to Spanish speaking people and my last name always causes confusion, no matter which language you speak. So I couldn’t risk going around trying to promote a brand that was hard to remember.

After weeks of brainstorming, my husband and I came up with a list of possible brand names. Some involving my initials, others using the word photography in it and a few with things or concepts that meant something to me. But from all of them this one stood out and I just fell in love with it right away! Why “Grey Pistachio”, then? Well, Grey is an important colour in photography. It is used to calculate the correct exposure for a given shot. And Pistachio has always been my favourite nut.

The next step was creating the logo and the whole identity for the brand. For this I contacted one of my best friends, Mar De Ycaza, who is a very talented graphic designer. She created my beautiful logo, my brand identity and also my business cards which always seem to make a great impression.

So, there you go, that’s where the name comes from!

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