To Blog Or Not To Blog: That Is The Question.

I have been writing this blog for more than a year now. It all started as a way to remind myself where I had been and how had I gotten to where I was. But it ended up being a resource for starting creatives, because while I was telling myself all the steps that I followed to become whom I wanted to be, I was actually creating a source of information for people who are where I was back then and didn’t know how to make their career dreams come true. But today my blog is much more than that. It has evolved into a key piece of my marketing strategy with results that go far beyond my initial expectations.

Writing a blog, no matter the subject, is hard work. It’s setting some time aside every week to spill your thoughts on the blank page. And sometimes you have loads of things to say, but other times you are so busy with life that your brain just doesn’t seem to be able to put two thoughts together. It requires commitment, because if you promise a post every week you can’t skip a single week or you will risk disappointing and loosing your readers. It requires research, because even though you should talk about the things you know, you must contrast your information so that you don’t mislead your followers. And it requires love, love and passion for what you write about, because it will be the only way to engage your audience.

But not matter how much work and effort it takes to put a blog together, the rewards are bigger than the sacrifices:

1. Writing my blog has helped me show my existing and potential clients how much passion I put into my craft and this translates into the trust they put on me.

2. There is no better life led than the one that is led trying to help others succeed.

3. The traffic on my website has grown from 10 visits a month to 200 visits a week since I started writing my blog. And on the day that I post I get an average of 71 visitors on that post.

4. But most importantly, it has helped me grow as a person and as a professional. Because by wearing my heart on my sleeve every week I have learned so much about myself that it has helped me work on my weaknesses and improve my strengths.

So if you are thinking on a way to diversify your marketing strategy, writing a blog can be a good idea. My last piece of advice would be that if you decide to do it you have to go all the way or you will do your brand more harm than good. 

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