The Worst Attempt Is The One You Don’t Make

I used to dread Mondays. And also Sunday afternoons, because they meant that the weekend was almost over. Actually, I used to hate the whole day Sunday, because it was the last day of the weekend and of my break from work. So that means that I would spend 4 days a week longing for Friday to come, but only really enjoyed Friday if I didn’t have to work late, and then I would try to make the most out of the Friday night and the Saturday because once it was already Sunday all the fun was over. It was a terrible way of looking at life. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

But then one day I decided to quit my job, change career paths and finally do what I really enjoyed doing. And now I work almost every day of the week, weekends included, but I have never been happier nor more fulfilled in my whole life. I now love Mondays. As a matter of fact, I love every single day of the week, because when I am working I am happy, and when I am off, I am not despising the working day to come and I can really enjoy my spare time.

I am going to repeat it: I am happy. And all it took was taking the risk to follow my dream. When I was little, whenever I was facing a difficult choice, my dad would always tell me “the worst attempt is the one you don’t make.” What is the worst that can happen? That I fail? That I learn from my mistakes? That someone says “no”? If someone says “no” today, someone else might say “yes” tomorrow. If I am not good enough at this point that means that there is room for improvement and I can always get better.

If you are facing a big decision right now and all that is stopping you from moving forward is fear, I say to you “Jump!”. This world belongs to those who dare.

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