The "Why Not?" Way Of Life

When I propose someone to do something and I hear them say "yeah, why not?" it always makes me wonder if the other person really wants to do it or if it's just me forcing an idea into them. I perceive that reply as a lack of passion; the other is just letting themselves go with the flow. Sometimes, it could be out of complete politeness: they don't want to disappoint me. But other times, it's just because they don't have anything better to do. Either way, the message I'm getting is "I will do this with you but I won't put my 100% into it."

It happens to all of us that we sometimes do things "just because." But when it comes to our careers, if there is no passion there is no sustainability. Your business is doomed if you or your team are not passionate about what you do. Because when money is good that might be good enough reason to keep on going but when money starts flowing slower you need a stronger reason to keep the business alive.

Maria Mann, the director for international relations for the European Pressphoto Agency, said in an interview that we have turned into a "Why Not?" society, instead of "Why?". It sometimes feels like we are doing things just because, without a reason, without a purpose. Maybe because everyone else is doing them or maybe because it just came easy to us. But from all the things that I have achieved in my life, the ones that I value the most are the ones that I worked hard for, the ones that I had a reason and a purpose to pursue. And that feeling, my dear reader, is one of the best feelings in the world.

So maybe this is a good time to stop what you are doing for a few seconds and ask yourself "Why?" and see where the answer takes you. Oh, and the next time that you find yourself about to reply "yeah, why not?" think again and consider if what you really want to say is "no." Life is too short to do things without passion.

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