The Marketing Power Of A Blog

If I ever had a doubt of what writing a blog could do for my self-promotion, Google Analytics just proved me wrong. 47% of my website's traffic comes through my blog. Isn't that something? That makes it my most powerful marketing tool at the moment! My posts are attracting more visitors than my mailings, my social media daily posts and my facebook ads combined!

But writing the post is only part of the trick. Every Wednesday after putting my thoughts on the blank page and after hitting publish I proceed to announce to the world that I just said something:

- I send an email to all my subscribed followers with a link to the new post and a link to related old posts that might also interest them.

- Then I create a post on my Facebook page, my personal Facebook and Linkedin with a link to the blog entry.

- After that I go to Hootsuite and create a scheduled post on Twitter and Google+ linking to the blog entry as well.

- And finally I create a post on Instagram uploading the blog post's photo and part of the text that I just wrote.

Writing a blog is hard work, it requires consistency and determination, but it pays off. So if you are hesitating about writing your own, but you are working hard on your marketing strategy, I think you are missing out on a very important marketing tool if you don't start one.

Photo credit: Behind the scenes photography by Stef Mic

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