Impossible Until It’s Possible

A goal is impossible until it is achieved. And in order to achieve it, we must take the first step towards it. But even if this sounds so simple, most of the times we don’t take that first step because of fear. Fear that we won’t be able to accomplish what we set ourselves for; fear of not knowing what to do next if we manage to achieve our goal. We tend to describe successful people as fearless, but I’m more than sure that they have the same fears that we have. They just know how to deal with them better. So, how do we turn fear from a paralysing feeling into a driving force?

I believe it is all a matter of perspective. On the one hand, we have the fear of failing, the fear of working so hard on something and wasting all that precious time. But if we think like this, we are looking at failure the wrong way. Failing can teach us valuable lessons and allow us to learn what not to repeat in the future. If we go through life without failing we are definitely not pushing ourselves that much.

On the other hand, we have the fear of succeeding, the fear of discovering our own potential and not knowing what to do next. And I would say that there is more people afraid of this than we might think. What happens if I get all those clients? What happens if I get that promotion? What happens if I can’t handle all that workload? I’ll tell you what will happen: you will figure it out. The same way that you have been able to figure it out to get where you are right now. Don’t underestimate yourself and above all, don’t be your own biggest obstacle.

Right now, if given the two options: A. Make things possible, B. Leave them Impossible, I will always choose A. Because while trying to make my goals possible I will either learn or succeed, and to me that sounds like a Win/Win.

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