If You Win, Wou Will Be Happy; If You Loose You Will Be Wise

If you have been following my blog by this time you already know that taking the decission of becoming a photographer and actually becoming one took me many years. There were many factors involved: fear of loosing my stability, fear of venturing into something new and unknown, fear of failing… Ok, I admit it, there was only one factor: fear.

Throughout my life and whenever I was about to make a big change I always embraced fear and turned it into the fuel that fed my inner engine and kept me moving. So, why was this time being so different? It felt really different, I can tell you that! Because now the change that I was going to make affected me for the rest of my life in ways I couldn’t even measure. And also because I was very close to becoming 40 and it felt like suicide to break away from everything and start all over from scratch. There I was, with that piece of paper in my hands that said that I was a professional photographer and all I could think of was “how can I call myself a photographer if I don’t even know what the profession of a photographer is like?”

Thankfully, I had my husband by my side, a very wise man who told me that being afraid was ok. “Take the risk: if you win, you will be happy; if you loose you will be wise”, he said. So I decided to take the risk. I sat down in my computer and started my To Do list on how to become a photographer. First item on the list? Start taking some photos!

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