How To Predict Your Future

Welcome to the DIY era, a time when you can be whomever you want to be. You don’t know how to take photos? There is a tutorial for that. You have never applied makeup? There is also a tutorial for that. You want to become an astronaut? Well, this one is tougher, but one day I am sure that we will learn how to pilot a spaceship on youtube. In this day and age when the access to information has been democratized, is the excuse of not doing what you really want to do with your life relevant anymore?

For the longest time in humanity, our professions were determined by what our parents did. Then times changed, and we were made free to decide our own future and become whatever we wanted to be… but with a twist. It was reserved to those who could afford it. But not anymore. The internet has really set us free and with so many people sharing their knowledge and experience online these days if you really want to learn something you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home anymore.

So to all those people who have been stuck in careers they wrongly chose or in jobs that they have hated for the last decade and still think that the only way to change paths is by spending tens of thousands in studying something else, I say: you are looking at the solution the wrong way. 

The DIY life is about taking control of your life, creating your own career, your own path. It’s about waking up one morning and deciding that you want to become something different, whatever it is. And going online to research what that new path is and what working in that field means. And then creating your own plan on how you are going to approach your change of life. And reading a lot, studying a lot, researching more, watching tutorials, watching TED talks, following industry news, going to industry events, meeting people in this new industry, interning with them and learning the craft, and before you know it you will be part of the industry as well.

Stop dreaming of a different life but be afraid of venturing into the unknown. Like they say, the best way to predict your future is to create your own future.

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