Assumption Is The Mother Of All Mistakes

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the word 'assumption' as something that you accept as true without question or proof. Which basically means that when we assume something we are lying to ourselves. And sometimes assuming can be helpful, like when we research our target or when we handle statistics: it is impossible to have the 100% of the facts. But other times, specially when we are dealing with people, assumptions can lead to terrible mistakes.

This is particularly true with clients. A couple of weeks ago I was a bit dissappointed because I have been trying to work with a potential client for a while to no avail. And to be perfectly honest, I am not getting any feedback at all. So I decided to stop reaching out because I assumed that if they hadn't answered any of my emails it was because they didn't want to work with me. And then I read this post on the Marketing Mentor blog and I realized that my assumption was making me self-boycott my business.

You see, my assumption made me believe that I had the power to get into other people's mind and know what they were thinking. I was convinced that the only reason why this potential client was not replying to my contact attempts was because they didn't want to work with me. I am not good enough, my work is crap, nobody knows who I am, I don't have enough following on social media... All the ghosts in my head materialized and made me formulate my assumption. And it's not that these might not be valid reasons, but my insecurities blinded me from seeing all the other reasons why they were not getting back to me: wrong timing, too much workload, forgetfulness...

My friend whom I go jogging with every morning also pointed out that they haven't said yes but they haven't said no either. So she adviced me to keep on trying. And the truth is that some people need some insisting before they make up their mind about something. So I will keep on trying until they tell me 'no'... because until that happens, there is always the possibility for a 'yes'.

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