You Are Your Greatest Creation

If you feel like you need a reason to be happy, stop what you are doing for a second and take a look in the mirror. That is you. That beautiful being that you are staring at is you. All the choices in your life have shaped the person that is staring back at you from your reflection. And that person, you, is your greatest creation. Your perfect creation. With your virtues and your flaws, you are perfect. And you don't need me or anyone else to tell you this because you already know it. You just need to believe it. And when you finally believe it you will realize that you have many reasons to be happy. Despite all the things that go on around you, the good and the evil, you have managed to keep on going and to get here, right now, to this very moment when you are reflecting on your life and on everything that you have accomplished. So be grateful for what you have, let go of what holds you back and smile. And share that smile with others. Let happiness be the greatest gift that we give during these holidays.

Happy Holidays 2016.

Photo credit: behind the scenes by Andrzej Gruszka.

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