Wisdom Comes Slowly... White Hair Too Quickly

My friend told me this phrase while we were discussing hair colouring for men: "Wisdom Comes Slowly... White Hair Too Quickly." And even though the topic of our conversation was very superficial, his phrase made me think about how much pressure we put in ourselves to do or learn as many things as possible before we are too old. But the question is: what is too old?

My millennial cousins think that because I'm 41 that means that I am old, but when we hang out together they admit that to them I don't seem like I'm in my 40's. On the other hand, a friend of mine who is 26 recently told me that he is depressed because he is getting old and he hasn't accomplished anything in his life... Which goes to prove that age is just a number and the concept of old is a mental state. Still, not a lot of people are looking forward to aging.

But one thing to look forward to with aging is adquiring wisdom, because that only comes with time and experience. As you grow older you start to see things from a different perspective, you worry less about useless matters and start making better informed decisions. Somehow things that are happening in the world start to make sense and you start appreciating life as it unravels in front of you.

So to all my millennial friends who are trying to rush life before it is too late I say: "relax!" Enjoy and appreciate every step of your life. There are things that only happen with time, no matter how much you rush them.

Photo credit: portrait by Ferran Vergés.

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