Why I Created A New Website

As photographers we are constantly told that we should focus on a niche and just call ourselves one thing: a Portraits Photographer, or a Food Photographer, or a Weddings Photographer, but never two or several types of photographer at the same time. And this makes sense, as it is easier for your target audience to relate to you. You can be the "Food Photographer" that they need instead of forcing them to try to understand where does your food photography end and where does your newborn photography begin. But as simple and as logic as this sounds, it is actually one of the hardest challenges that I have encountered so far.

For us photographers, the camera is just one of the many tools of our trade. Our equipment doesn't define us, you can be a great photographer whether you shoot with an iPhone or with a £50K Hasselblad camera. The real magic of our art form happens through our eyes and in our brains. And inside our brains we have a broad set of skills and an even broader array of tastes that make us enjoy shooting very different types of photography. We might not be good at all of them but that doesn't mean that we can't be good at several of them. So it is only normal that you can actually enjoy shooting weddings, fashion, newborns and landscapes and be able to make a living out of all of them.

The problem comes when your potential clients can't make up their minds to hire you because your portfolio confuses them with such a variety of photography types. You think that you look like a more skilful photographer if you show everything you do but they might think that you are all over the place. And this is what had started happening to me with my portfolio. I have clients in different sectors and trying to show all my work in one portfolio was becoming very confusing, even for myself.

That is the reason why as of now I have separated my portfolio into two different websites:

1. Grey Pistachio, the current one, will continue focusing on fashion and on my personal projects and blog.

2. Portraits By JC, the new one, will be dedicated to showcase my portraiture work.

This way I can show my potential clients who require portraits my new website (headshots, portraits, corporate, pregnancy) and only show my fashion work to my clients in the fashion industry. Obviously this is not set on stone and it can easily change or grow in the following years, but at this moment I find that it's easier for me to explain what I do depending on the person that is trying to hire me.

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