Trans Is The New Black

Lately it seems like transgender people are finally getting the aknowledgment that they have fought so hard for and are on the road to also being recognized the rights that they deserve. All these not only thanks to corageous trans women like Lana Wachowski, Lea T, Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner or Andreja Pejić but also to the hard work of organisations like Acceptess-t in France who are doing a great job in helping end transphobia in our society. Sadly, there is still a lot to do to give transgender people the dignity and the quality of life that as human beings they are entitled too. And one of the first things that I feel that we need to do is learn once and for all that a transgender person is not only a male born person who transitions into the woman that she is inside, but it can also be a female born person who transitions into the man that he is meant to be. Trans men exist and they are also people and I think that we should talk more about them to ease their inclusion. I am a real admirer and supporter of trans men like Balian Buschbaum, Aydian Dowling and Skylar Kergil and of publications like Men’s Health for their open support to the transgender community. I can’t wait to see in a not so distant future trans men models on the runways and gracing the covers of our fashion magazines.

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